Free talks for education institutions

The Asia Non-profit Animal Rescue has made immense efforts in the educational field. To educate youngsters on the importance of caring for animals, as well as the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mentality, ARC sets off to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to provide free lectures. With the ultimate goal of guiding students on how to care for both the physical and emotional well-being of animals.

On top of that, ARC persistently collaborates with local youth organizations in arranging voluntary activities. We hope that the volunteering experience equips our future generations with a non-judgmental and compassionate approach towards animals, and eventually helps our society understand the existence of love and care among the community for every respectable life.


事實上, ARC並沒有任何的政府資助, 本機構的日常運作及所有開支, 都全籟你們一眾愛護動物人士的捐款才得以應付。


場地每月租金+水/電費/糧食及醫療費雜項支出 $40000


中國銀行(香港)有限公司 : 012-889-2-002833-0


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感謝大眾對本會的厚愛與支持,你們的意見是我們進步的動力。我們將繼續履行社會責任, 拯救有需要的動物。

感謝 !!!  THANK YOU !!